As waste regulations and disposal costs increase, the search for and cost effective disposal can become imperative.
Industrial / Agricultural

In many cases the use of industrial wormcultures offers a solution turning a problem into a profitable asset, by converting waste and spoil into a valuable planting medium. Or using that waste as feed in an intense worm breeding system.

The industrial Wormcultures perfected by Walker Organics will effectively digest a vast rabge of materials, and are suited to a wide variety of systems.

All large scale Walker cultures are selected from our own industrial stock breeding beds. Our Dendrobaena cultures are ubiquitous and will thrive in both acid and alkali mediums. These worms are not to be confused with the common Tigerworm which is not such an adaptable species.

Walker Culture systems are ideal for large scale compost and worm production and do not suffer from bird or mole predation.

Walker cultures will digest the following:

Animal waste (manures), plant waste (leaves etc.), wood waste, paper, paper waste and settlings, human sewage, food industry spoil and waste

Production Example

A 60,000 wormculture was introduced to a bed measuring 60 x 10 x 3 metres (1,800 cubic feet). After the initial breeding period of around 12 months, that system was digesting up to 10 tonnes per week, producing approximately 6 tonnes of pure wormcast finished product per week.

A bed of the same size used for intensive Baitworm production would produce approximately 40kg of worm per week, after the initial breeding period.

Industrial wormcultures are available in sizes ranging from 60 to 100,000. Each culture contains adults, infants and eggs, in supportive medium, and comes complete with a breeding production manual.

Please note: Quality end product and production / digestion rates will vary according to feed and system type.