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  ¦ Large Scale Earthworm Inoculation

Industrial Site Inoculation of Worms

Commercial vermiculture on UK land reclamation projects and improvement programmes is an established method of ensuring long-term soil improvement and maintenance, without the use of chemicals.

The inoculum is selected from our specialised earthworm beds. It is inoculated on-site in the form of culture plugs. Culture plugs are introduced at the rate of 30 to the acre. Each plug contains an average mixture of 60 worms in egg or infant form.

Earthworms are invaluable to every form of agriculture
Through maintaining soil fertility by aeration, by recirculation of minerals to the surface and by increasing the humus content. One acre of land can contain up to 3 million earthworms, the activities of which can bring 8 - 10 tonnes of topsoil to the surface (in the form of casts) every year. During the course of feeding they also take the available dead vegetation down into the soil.

¦ Earthworm Fact File

  • Soils with a large healthy worm population drain 4 - 5 times faster than soils with very few worms.
  • Worm activity can increase air-soil volume from 8 - 30%  
  • Presence of worms improves water penetration in compacted soils and can increase cumulative rainfall intake by up to 50%
  • Worms destroy many harmful bacteria, e.g. E.COLI.
  • Worm activity increases the availability of nutrients and trace elements which are present in the soil.
  • Worms can absorb and disperse large concentrations of heavy metals from the ground.
  • In controlled experiments, worm introduction into mixed swards proved beneficial, with growth increases of up to 110% 
  • In tree growth trials, green ash height increased by 24% and oak by 32% compared to the norm.

Walker Culture Systems are ideal for commercial vermiculture and worm production in the UK and do not suffer from bird or mole predation.  Contact us today for your vermiculture requirements.


No. 1 In The UK

Established in 1986 Walker Organics are now No. 1 in the UK for Vermcultural Products and are the largest UK manufacturer of pure Wormcast Compost - available for delivery in bulk loads nationwide.

Species Introduced

L. Rubellus, L Terrestris, A. Rosea, A. Calignosa, A. Nocturna, A. Longa (f.typica) D. Subricunda high humus industrial, limited use on selected sites only.

Spread Rate

Per Plug:
(Plug diameter 6"=15.24cm)
End of Year 1:
12 inches=30.5cm
End of Year 2:  9.8 feet=3.0 metres
End of Year 3: Culture zones overlap, giving an average population of 100 - 140 worms per square metre.

Typical Applications

 - Commercial Vermiculture  
 - Railway Sidings
 - Tired Garden Soil
 - Planting Schemes
 - Land Reclamation
 - Improvement Programmes
 - Refuse Sites
 - Industrial Sites
 - SpoilHeaps

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