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Established in 1986, Walker Organics is the largest producer of vermiculture products and services in the UK with clients within the industrial and agricultural sectors.  We can guarantee product availability, quality and consistency with our vermiculture and worm culture systems.
Where development
of land is necessary to provide homes, employment and to meet community needs it may generate waste requiring disposal facilities such as landfill sites. These factors generate pressures for countryside, recreation and wildlife.

¦ Waste regulations and disposal costs mean that the search for green and cost effective disposal is imperative.
Our industrial worm culture systems offer a solution - by converting waste and spoil into a valuable planting medium, or using that waste as feed in an intensive worm breeding system.

Our clients include: Central Science Laboratory, MAFF, ADAS, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Imperial College, Forestry Commision, Royal Agricultural Society, HM Prison Service, University of Edinburgh, AMEC, Sports Research Institute, Scottish Greenbelt Company, Highways Agency, Clark Scott Harding, Scottish Agricultural Agency, University of Stirling, McAlpine, British Aerospace, Hydar Consulting, UK Coal, Scottish Coal, AMEC-Carrillion, Southern Water, Taylor Woodrow, Balfour Beaty, Coal Authority, Severn Trent Water, Natural History Museum, North West Water, Northumbria Water, Chesire County Council, Brock PLC,

All Large Scale Walker vermiculture and worm cultures are selected from our own industrial stock breeding beds. Our worm culture systems will effectively digest a vast range of materials, and are suited to a wide variety of systems in the UK.
Our Dendrobaena cultures are ubiquitous and will thrive in both Acid and Alkali mediums.
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Let us help you get rid of your waste effectively with our vermiculture products and services.  Contact us today.


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